V Resorts expands its chain of resorts worldwide

V Resorts, an internationally renowned chain of experiential resorts, showcases varied civilization of bygone era through their enthralling properties. V Resorts located at each Indian destination recount new and old stories of varied civilization snarled with history and present. The group, led by Aditi Balbir, began its journey in a very humble way and currently group operates and manages over 150 properties across different states of India. The presence of V Resorts spread across twenty states of India. The group is now forefront in developing properties combined with experiences which are built around unique elements of locations/ destinations to provide travelers a real flavor of the resort destinations and its cultural heritages.  The group is now planning to foray into international markets such as Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Middle East and South Africa. ADITI BALBIR, FOUNDER & CEO, V RESORTS details future plans and USP’s of V Resorts exclusively to Food Hospitality India (FHi) 


Aditi Balbir
Aditi Balbir

 What is the major USP of V Resorts?

The USP of V Resorts is two-fold. Firstly, we have a range of over 150 boutique properties covering 20 states across the length & breadth of India, and these are properties operated & managed by us instead of simply being marketed. We oversee the end-to-end customer experience & service delivery.  The other key differentiators for us are the unique experiences we curate & provide at our resorts to guests and travelers alike (whether or not they stay at our properties). These experiences planned, created and delivered by our own staff so as to ensure the best service delivery. These experiences are built around unique local elements to give customers a real flavor of the destination and its cultural heritage.

What is the tourism potential of hotel/resort locations across India?

Every state in India has its own unique culture, topography, language, cuisine and local heritage and offers travelers something different. In light of that uniqueness, every state is akin to a different EU country and coupled with the government’s push on allied sectors such as infrastructure, road transport and electrification among others, the tourism potential of India is growing at a promising pace. 

What are your major expansion plans forward?

We aim to be present at all places where Indians travel. While we have already covered large sections within India, our next phase of expansion shall see further entrenchment in south India as well as overseas expansion by entry into markets such as Sri Lanka, South East Asia, the Middle East and perhaps even South Africa.

What is the potential of V Resorts for Family & Individual Travelers (FIT’s)? 

Before on boarding any new property, we ensure that the same is at a drivable distance from a major city hub or a metro, one of the key mottos of the company is “City Breaks” and to that objective, majority of our properties are located at destinations where families and individuals alike can take weekend breaks.

About V Resorts

Founded in 2014 by Aditi Balbir, an ISB graduate, V Resorts is a new age travel solutions company that provides standardized boutique experiences in the leisure travel space. Giving our guests a taste of the local – and we’re not just talking food here – is the V Resorts way.

Resort1 Resort1 Resort2

Primarily built on the concept of introducing the harried Indian traveller to new and unexplored places in the country, V Resorts is developing new destinations — and — ideas for tourism.

Today, we have more than 100 properties spread across 17 Indian states. Balbir, who is the chief executive of V Resorts, conceptualised the business idea while conducting research for Bedrock Ventures. “When you expose urban travellers to unique travel experiences such as discovering the regional arts and crafts, indigenous food et all, awareness and appreciation grows, and it empowers the ‘little India’, leading to the successful growth of the model,” she says.

Our resorts’ standardised elements include V Canvas (aesthetically designed artworks that give a tantalising visual glimpse into what we offer); Spice Walk (our exclusive range of dining options that emphasize local and regional cuisines); Pitara (a range of items procured from local communities, packaged by us); V Unwind (in-house infotainment and leisure activities) and V Indulge (spas and massages to pamper our guests). While our corporate office is in Noida, the V Resorts family is truly spread across the length and breadth of the country, committed to finding new ways to delight our guests and customers.

Both our corporate philosophy and values fit in perfectly with the central government’s pro-tourism agenda, which stresses the role of tourism in boosting employment and economic growth, and contributing to skill enhancement of local communities.

As Balbir says: “Our business model is simple – develop a new destination, establish a resort, support the local villages by providing employment, developing new skills, supporting the local trade, and provide the customer with a true ‘Make In India’ tourism experience.” To achieve our ambitious goals we rely entirely on local staff and resources to run our resorts; practise environmentally friendly policies (include conservation of water and use of solar power); boost local economies by tying up with local vendors; and give our guests a fascinating glimpse of the regional art, craft, music and dance forms. We’ve had an incredible journey so far – but what really excites us is the road ahead!

Resort Resort2 Resort1

V Resorts is a Family

Bound together by a common passion for traveling and a common mission to transform how it’s done. We firmly believe in working like there’s no tomorrow, and partying like there’s no tomorrow morning.

Dynamic, driven and young (at heart, at least)

This is the team that has shaped V Resorts. Each lends their unique quirks, ideas and strengths. They sometimes agree, sometimes disagree and then agree to disagree. And this democracy is what seeps into the brand and makes it so versatile.

Team of 100+ professionals

Leadership team from Tier 1 institutes and divided among key functions of Sales, Marketing, Operations, Content, Technology and Training.

Functional Leads with over 60 years of experience across hospitality and other key sectors.

People at helm



An ISB alumnus, Aditi Balbir is the founder and CEO of V Resorts, a chain of full service boutique resorts offering experiential stays to leisure travellers across India. Balbir started the company with two resorts (driven by her passion for India and travelling) and within a span of less than three years led the company’s expansion to 150 resorts across 20 states in India. Armed with finance and law degrees, she quit a well-settled job with McKinsey & Company to initiate V Resorts. She is breaking the glass ceiling in the country for women by being the only woman in India to lead a travel company, usually seen as a man’s domain.

For her ground breaking work, V Resorts got featured on Young Turks CNBC for being a disruptive player in travel that is headed and run by a woman entrepreneur. She believes, travel can contribute in the development of the rural India and empowerment of women, and works towards that by creating destinations in the hinterland, providing employment to women, and creating a market for indigenous arts and crafts. She has been selected as ‘Dell Foundation’s 200 most powerful women entrepreneurs in the world’ in 2016.

Resort1 Resort1 Resort1

Balbir has also been chosen from among women entrepreneurs worldwide to mentor and guide women in business programmes by the Cherie Blair Foundation, in an initiative to empower women to be entrepreneurs across the world. Great at multitasking, she even pursues her passion of writing and has extensively written for – Economic Times, Times Internet, Entrepreneur Magazine, YourStory, India Today and Askmen.


Dhaval Jani
Dhaval Jani

Dhaval Jani is a Sales & Growth-Hacking expert with nearly a decade’s experience in the travel industry. Over the better part of two decades, Dhaval has headed the Sales and growth initiatives of illustrious names like MakeMyTrip, TATA Communications and Bharti Airtel. In his previous capacity as the Regional Head(Gujarat and Rajasthan) of MakeMyTrip, he and his team devised strategies that made MakeMyTrip the market leader in western India.

An intuitive and ingenious leader, his success with setting steep targets and achieving them has won him deep appreciation over the years from his mentors and subordinates alike. Besides a stellar and richly-rewarded track record in setting new sales benchmarks, Dhaval has an uncanny knack for numbers and an expertise in projecting figures using spreadsheets.

As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at V Resorts, Dhaval has utilized his experience with strategy and people-management to push our growth into overdrive. Under his motivated leadership, V Resorts has grown its numbers- that of resorts, reservations and revenues- exponentially. Besides the measurable outcomes, his imaginative and spirited mentorship has turned the talented V Resorts’ bunch into a vigorous, single-minded unit.

Armed with an MBA from Sardar Patel University, Gujarat and an accelerated certification in Management Excellence from St. Stephens, Delhi, Dhaval distinguished himself early in leadership capacities at Bharti Airtel and Tata Communications with his enterprising approach to targets, which quickly reflected in his teams setting new benchmarks and besting them. He has only improved on this early drive ever since.

He enjoys socializing and splurging on good brands, and his wardrobe is an enviable collection of labels. An avid reader, he enjoys reading up on Indian mythology and fiction. He has a serious liking for golf, and can be often seen teeing off.

Raatrani Resort Resort1



 Imagine rolling hills ending into the Arabian sea, imagine sunrise with tall grass in the foreground, imagine light coastal breeze and imagine calm sitting under the mango tree. A holiday at the V Resorts Mahua Bagh in Murud promises all this, and more. A versatile resort, it is located on a quiet, tranquil hill that slopes into the beach. Surrounded by quaint villages, a stunning horse-show beach and mountains, this is a posh neighbourhood, where the rich and famous of Mumbai have settled for some quiet and privacy. On the 24-acre orchard area, it has eclectic rooms, open spaces, view of the sea and mountains and ample space to lounge around and just about do nothing. Here, enjoy bush dinners, tea service by the beach, open dining, picnics. Or, when in the mood for some exploration, head out to the forts, temples or experience the eclectic vibe of Alibaug.


Bollywood’s favourite, a true nature retreat, the city of temples- these are some of the epithets that could easily go for Wai. And the first two also qualify for V Resorts Anandvan Wai. Spread on acres and acres of green land, the resort blends together a fine concoction of one part modern hospitality and two parts pampering greenery, with some delightful architecture and genuine local vibes for good humour.

Be rejuvenated by the green outdoors on the resort and around, catch up on reading in the gardens or the outdoor cafe, or unwind with your kids in the play area. Outside, walk down to the Dhom dam and enjoy a round of boating, visit the many temples here, go for paragliding if the season is right, or head to Panchgani for some more natural beauty.

The resort is replete with coconut and mango trees, with dedicated gardens for all rooms. The amenities are lavish, and there’s a rain-dance setup for good measure. Be assured of a premium stay, whichever room you stay in. Not for nothing is the resort a favourite amongst some of the biggest names in Bollywood.


 Imagine being in the middle of nowhere. Not a rosy picture? Now imagine the deep blue of a lake, the greens of woods and farmlands, the earthen hues of hills and the varying shades of the clear sky. Imagine sitting atop a hill and enjoying these various hues from the comfy confines of a premium camp retreat. Tempting, right? This is the appeal of V Resorts Mridur Vaitarna, our impeccable resort beside the Vaitarna dam near Nashik. While the dam is better known to provide water for the entire Mumbai, it also makes for a perfect postcard moment or, in this case, the backdrop of a rejuvenating vacation.

Stunningly located right beside the Vaitarna lake at the top of a hill, the resort is elegant in its facilities and warm in its hospitality. The upscale tents, equipped with the best of modern amenities, offer captivating views of the vast placid lake, which you can also enjoy from the attached private and common sit-outs.

Start your day with a short trek up the many nature trails and hills nearby, and catch a gorgeous view of the sunrise. During the sunny noons, relax in the infinity pool, or unwind indoors over a round of two of board games. Spend the evenings exploring the farms at the base of the hill or roaming the lawns. When the dark sets in, share the joy of sitting around a bonfire under the stunning starlit sky here, with some piping hot snacks to fill you up.


Located in the scenic green belt of Triambakeshwar Hills near Nashik, V Resorts E&G Green Valley is a premium property comprising studios and villas designed to pamper you. Its proximity to nature and vineyards makes it an ideal getaway for wine-lovers and those looking to spend some quiet days away from the chaos of a city. Guests can sample some fine wines, go on a fascinating vineyard tour, hit the cycling and trekking trails or just sit and take in the scenic views. The superb menu range also has locally procured items. Our rooms include landscaped villas thoughtfully designed to provide the perfect mix of elegance and comfort.


 With V Resorts Adhbhut Jaipur, watch Rajasthan with new eyes. Situated right at the centre of the heritage town of Amer (the capital of the state before Jaipur), the resort promises an authentic experience, which is a far cry from cliche’s and veritable props showcased across the state. Get tranquil views of the town, its cobbled streets, ruins and havelis from each of the resort room. Sit in its garden, listen to the sound of the 365 temples in the morning, go for a heritage walk, visit the Anokhi museum to get a glimpse into the genesis of handicrafts. Experience the past, and walk down the alleys, past the step wells, fort wall, to the dam and adjoining forest. When tired, get back to the resort and have a candlelight dinner under the open sky with the lit up town forts for company.


 V Resorts Farm Stay is just 9km away from the Chhatarpur Metro Station. When tired of the noisy, hectic urban life, it is here that you can quickly rush to for some peace, calm and privacy. Its creatively landscaped gardens, fruit orchards, hidden pathways and water bodies transport you to a green getaway with no semblance of the city life. Here, have day outings, al fresco meals in the garden, get a massage. Or just get together with friends, stay on the night, have movie nights, cook-ups, early morning yoga and a walk through of the eclectic Bonsai collection. There, you are ready to face your hectic life again!


 It’s another world, the Varkala beach resort. Built around the eco-concept, it borrows its architecture from the natural science of the tribals. The handmade cottages made with mud, clay and flowers ensure maximum natural energy air flow, translate that into cool even during summer. In the midst of a thick green cover, and a 5-minute walk from the cliffs and the beach, V Resorts Bohemian Masala stands apart from the other beach resorts in Varkala. The resort promising all the sensual pursuits of a traveller, such as traditional temples, beaches, an eclectic food scene, as well as Ayurvedic massages, is ideal for a peaceful, tranquil vacation. Lounge around in the hammocks in peace and quiet, sample the traditional Kerala fare, walk around its herb and spice garden, or just sit around and meet interesting travellers from across the world. Those times, when you do feel like a walk, step out and hit the beach, indulge in water sports, or try your skills at surfing.


 Thirteen kilometre from Udaipur, perched on top of a rolling hill, with a great view of the Lake Badi is V Resorts Aravali Silence Lakend Udaipur. Its great location – several kilometres from the main city – makes it an ideal place to relax in. Watch the sunset, sipping your favourite brew in the pool, cycle around the hills and green patches with the lake by the side, go riding or just sit and introspect in peace in the sit-out overlooking the Badi Lake. Step out to discover the charms of Udaipur, the Lake City.


Discover an unknown, enchanting part of Sariska. At V Resorts Utsav Camp Sariska, you are up, close and personal with nature. The resort lies in Rajasthan’s Tehla village at a side of the Sariska National Park that is magnificent in its isolation. Here you will find farmlands, bushes and hills. Close by is the 1,200 sq km national park. Not far away are historic forts, lakes that double up as superb birding destinations and several nature trails. From rocky terrains to dirt tracks, the land reveals itself in all its varied glory here. Wake up to the sound of birds, get a taste of village life, hit the various little roads on a cycle and experience the rustic side of life without compromising on comfort and elegance

At V Resorts Utsav Camp Sariska, the hospitality is very personalized, and caters to individual needs. Whether its bush dinners, gazing at the stars, having a traditional Rajasthani thali, or discovering the fascinating bird life in the area with the help of an in-house naturalist, we put our guests at the centre of all that we do.


Igatpuri is barely two hours from Mumbai, but it could well be another world. A world of wistful monsoon clouds, endless green hills, enticing waterfalls, mediaeval forts and pretty lakes. V Resorts RainForest Igatpuri is a weekend getaway that promises superb treks and charming scenery, just the kind of relief your tired city eyes were looking for. This sprawling property is surrounded by seven hills, and offers stunning views of the valleys and the Western Ghats. Close by is a famous Vipassana centre, endless nature trails and quaint temples. The resort is self contained and magnificent in its isolation. Indoor and outdoor games, a swimming pool, lawns, spacious banquet halls — V Resorts RainForest Igatpuri is a dream holiday destination.

Client Testimonials by V Resorts guests:

V Resorts Royal Castle Ghanerao

“This is a wonderful old heritage hotel off the beaten path. A sprawling, 6 acre castle, it’s well worth a visit to experience life as it might have been lived by old royalty. It was fun to explore the castle’s different morns, courtyards, and hidden spaces. Each room is very tastefully decorated by the owners – we stayed in the princess suite – a large and lovingly decorated room. The balcony has a swing and looks out into a peaceful courtyard where we spent an afternoon reading and enjoying the charming atmosphere. There are wonderful day trips available to Kumbalgarh Fort and Ranakpur temples. The village itself has some lovely though neglected step wells. Hotel management is inept and chaotic, and the fixed price menu is rather expensive and not very good. Given there are few food options in the village, the food offerings could be improved with a la carte options. Despite the downsides, this was one of the absolute highlights of my trip and I would still highly recommend a stay here!!”

– Avivapat — in India.

V Resorts Kotagiri

‘It’s a perfect getaway location. It’s a serene and peaceful place. The hospitality is great. Good management. The food is delicious and the beautiful tea gardens around make it a must visit place if you are looking for a picturesque place to find the peace in the hills.”

– Aditya — in India.

V Resorts Bohemian Masala Varkala

“I love to seek out and visit places “less travelled”. Varkala Beach is an amazing work of nature with a cliff overlooking the beach. The view is breathtaking from the cliff, not to speak of the beautiful beach itself. And Bohemian Masala is a hidden gem I found a short distance from the beach. The place has a quaint rustic feel, with huts nestled amongst lush greenery. It is a pleasant feeling to wake up in this setting, especially coming from a city like Mumbai. The resort is right on the road, which leads further down to the beach. There is a little pathway behind the resort, which takes you to the cliff. The hut (a little cottage really) I stayed in had a spacious bedroom with a mosquito net, and functional wood furniture. The ceiling decorated with colourful fabric is a nice a touch. There is AC in the room. Bathroom was perfectly clean and adequate. I found the calm and peace and the simplicity of the place rather charming. And I spotted a peacock too, seems to be a resident of the place. Breakfast had coffee, toast, eggs, fruits, juice its which worked perfectly for me. There was also idli/dosa as an option. For lunch and dinner, you can request traditional Indian food (dal, veggies, rice, chapati) or a typical Kerala style thali with chicken or fish. All in all, it is a great affordable place to stay if you want to experience Varkala beach. The staff is super courteous and helpful.”

– Matt Godwin — in India.



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